The big question: "How are you using EIC membership to help you export, diversify and grow?"

In the year that EIC celebrates its 80th anniversary and wins the prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise, Energy Focus asks three members: how is EIC membership helping you export products and services around the world, diversify into new activities and grow the business?

Fraser Stewart

Managing Director – International at ASCO

Leveraging our successful operating model and logistics and materials experience in the UK, ASCO has had a strong focus on exporting its services and capabilities during the past 25 years.

We have established new bases in Canada, Australia, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago and more recently in Suriname and Senegal; our Senegalese contingent has added 40 team members to our workforce during the past 18 months.

From using EICDataStream for market intelligence and identifying opportunities, to making connections at worldwide EIC events, to being introduced to government representatives, bodies and other trade organisations in our new operational locations, the support we have received from EIC during this time has been invaluable.

The EIC provides insight across the worldwide energy market, which supports our diversification strategy

EIC provides insight across the worldwide energy market, including wind, alternative fuels and carbon capture, utilisation and storage, which supports our diversification strategy. Additionally, EIC Insight reports and Sector Workbooks give us access to important information, such as new opportunities that we can target in the renewables sector as we cement our plans for the energy transition.

We recently benefited from additional training support from EIC for our business development teams to ensure we are making the most of all the EIC resources and tools that are available to grow the organisation.

ASCO is a logistics and materials management company for the global energy industry. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, ASCO operates from more than 60 locations worldwide and employs around 1,500 people. 

ASCO’s safe, lean, efficient and sustainable end-to-end solutions include logistics projects, transport and freight, supply base management, warehousing and storage, materials management, fuel and bulk provision, marine services, training, lifting and assurance, personnel and environmental services. 

ASCO’s processes and systems ensure that it is at the forefront of driving supply chain efficiency, providing sustainable operations and full transparency around the entire logistics process from the vendors to the end users.


Martin Green

Head of UK Business

Development at Cellnex

Membership of EIC has greatly benefited Cellnex UK, helping us gain insights into the energy industry and network within the sector.

We primarily joined to access EICDataStream, which provides the company with valuable insights on energy-related projects, but we’ve since utilised our membership to network and introduce Cellnex UK to the wider energy community through EIC-hosted events.

We have attended and participated in speedy networking, webinars and seminars, as well as the annual awards dinner. Last year, we won the award for ‘Scale up’ – a fantastic recognition of the expansion of our private networks business.

We primarily joined to access EICDataStream, but we’ve since utilised our membership to network within the wider energy community through EIC-hosted events

Private wireless networks are secure, high-performance networks covering 100% of the plant, facility or project site with guaranteed availability. They enable companies operating in the energy industry to boost productivity, meet environmental targets, improve worker safety and increase cyber security. Our EIC membership allows us to connect with customers, gain further insights into their challenges and demonstrate the value that a private wireless network brings to their organisation.

Cellnex is Europe and the UK’s largest and fastest-growing independent owner and operator of wireless telecoms infrastructure and is integral to the successful roll-out of 5G. With the wireless infrastructure foundation that it delivers across rural and urban areas, Cellnex connects everyone, everywhere. It is a business built on commercial and technical innovation, ambition and sustainable growth. It offers customers the commitment to neutrality and the economic benefits of shared infrastructure.



Mario Cincotta

Executive Vice President East

Hemisphere at EthosEnergy

EthosEnergy is an organisation firmly focused on international growth. We’re established as a leading global provider of services and solutions for rotating equipment, and our EIC membership helps us with our strategic growth as we help make energy affordable, available and sustainable.

We’ve been an EIC member since 2020, and during that time we’ve enjoyed many highlights. We’ve spoken at events, joined the EIC Pavilion at ADIPEC with access to a ministerial delegation, set up one-to-one meetings and participated in the annual Survive & Thrive Report.

We participate in EIC events and programmes, connecting with potential and existing customers, suppliers and partners in key markets around the world

However, we mainly leverage our membership by tapping into EIC’s extensive energy industry network. We participate in EIC events and programmes, connecting with potential and existing customers, suppliers and partners in key markets around the world. This enables us to strengthen our network and gives us valuable insights into emerging trends and opportunities.

Our EIC membership provides the resources and support we need to compete and succeed in a competitive and dynamic market. We look forward to continuing our membership, fully embracing opportunities to engage in new partnerships and explore new markets in the energy sector.

EthosEnergy customers are facing a challenging future and want a flexible and viable partner to support them in a world of changing expectations. The company turns on potential to deliver services and solutions globally for rotating equipment to make energy affordable, available and sustainable. It offers a unique combination of partnership and service quality, backed by a track record of tailored solutions, for the power, oil and gas, industrial and aerospace markets. EthosEnergy operates in more than 100 countries to consistently improve performance across the value chain.