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Oil and Gas


Digital twins for cybersecurity

The six-day Colonial Pipeline shutdown was the most disruptive cyberattack on record. The incident highlighted the vulnerability of the energy industry to such attacks. But what can companies actively do about it? Improve digital safety using virtual twin simulations, says Brad Bonnette at Wood

| August 2021



Innovating to net zero

Offshore electrification is critical to realising a net-zero North Sea, but support for technological innovation is key, says Reenst Lesemann, CEO of C-Power

| August 2021



Hydrogen revolution offers huge opportunities in nuclear

The potential for a nuclear and hydrogen partnership is a natural fit and worthy of future investments, says Tim Yeo at New Nuclear Watch Institute

| August 2021



Winds of change

Diversification is again the most used growth strategy among EIC members. With oil and companies moving into the resilient renewable energy market, Editor Sairah Fawcitt looks at the shift to offshore wind

| August 2021



Accelerating the offshore energy transition

The UK is in pole position to help accelerate offshore low-carbon energy innovation, both at home and overseas – but collaboration is key, writes Lucy Woods

Feature | April 2020

WEG signs an agreement to supply wind turbines to Aliança Energia’s Wind Farms

The entire agreement includes the construction of four wind farms with a total capacity of 180.6 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity

Feature | March 2020

Cabling technology offers peace of mind

Those responsible for the specification of products which go into new modern buildings have been asking for safe, approved cabling which play a critical part in electrical supply systems. Here, Graham Turner of AEI Cable explains the issues and emerging solutions.

| June 2019