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Oil and Gas

Oil Ship - Credit - iStock -1735068313

All eyes on LNG: key to tackling energy security and climate goals

Amid ongoing climate goals and heightened energy security considerations, global investments in the oil and gas sector have notably shifted their focus towards liquefied natural gas projects, says Fernando Vieira at EIC.

| January 2024


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Slow burn, bright prospects: opportunities on the horizon for hydrogen and carbon capture

Advances in the hydrogen and carbon capture energy sectors have been slow, but opportunities exist in Europe, Australia and the US, says Fernando Vieira at EIC.

| January 2024


Metaphor climate change, global warming and water crisis stock illustration - Credit: iStock - 1773997519

Global nuclear opportunities on the rise

As the case for nuclear power’s impact on energy security becomes more compelling, countries are increasingly recognising the crucial role of nuclear energy in reaching net zero. Fernando Vieira at EIC looks at the global opportunities on offer

| January 2024


Maintenance engineers working on wind turbine in windfarm stock photo - Credit: iStock - 827003060

Unlocking opportunities in global wind energy

With technologies progressing and governments aiming to hit their net-zero objectives, the onshore and offshore wind sector is in robust shape across Europe, North America and South Korea. Fernando Vieira assesses the state of play.

| January 2024



View from the top

Energy Focus talks with new EIC Chair Andrew Cuniah about his passion for energy, EIC’s bold ambitions, and being ready for tomorrow’s markets

| July 2023

Changing power demand in Asia Pacific

Although there is growing pressure on the global power sector to decarbonise, coal remains one of Asia Pacific’s cheapest new-build power generation options. With the region’s electricity demand growth expected to be double the rate of the rest of the world this decade, EIC Regional Analyst for Asia Pacific Dr Madana Nallappan looks at Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia and the opportunities on offer amid their energy conundrum

| July 2023

Accelerating the offshore energy transition

The UK is in pole position to help accelerate offshore low-carbon energy innovation, both at home and overseas – but collaboration is key, writes Lucy Woods

Feature | April 2020