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Towards a cleaner, smarter energy future

| February 2021

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Oil and Gas


A golden age for LNG?

As Europe races to secure new energy sources, EIC Energy Consultant Gustavo Berlie looks at the region’s LNG expansion plans

| March 2023



Will copper shortages delay energy transition?

Copper is essential for most of the clean energy technologies we will rely on in future, so a sustainable and secure supply of copper is vital to realise the full benefits of the energy transition. Jacques Moss at Guidehouse Insights asks: can copper supply keep up?

| March 2023



A new era for nuclear energy

Small modular reactors are shifting attitudes, and there is a growing realisation that nuclear is a vital part of the sustainable energy mix to hit net zero, says Elisabeth Rizzotti, Founder and COO of newcleo – an innovative nuclear energy tech company that is developing a mini reactor that runs on nuclear waste

| March 2023



Will America's new climate law supercharge clean energy development?

The US Inflation Reduction Act could triple the country’s solar and wind investments by 2030. But reaching full clean electricity deployment potential depends on state action, says Silvio Marcacci at Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC

| March 2023



Accelerating the offshore energy transition

The UK is in pole position to help accelerate offshore low-carbon energy innovation, both at home and overseas – but collaboration is key, writes Lucy Woods

Feature | April 2020

WEG signs an agreement to supply wind turbines to Aliança Energia’s Wind Farms

The entire agreement includes the construction of four wind farms with a total capacity of 180.6 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity

Feature | March 2020

Cabling technology offers peace of mind

Those responsible for the specification of products which go into new modern buildings have been asking for safe, approved cabling which play a critical part in electrical supply systems. Here, Graham Turner of AEI Cable explains the issues and emerging solutions.

| June 2019