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Oil and Gas

oil rig brazil

Petrobras' vision for growth and opportunities in Brazil

Petrobras’ bold vision for 2024–2028 prioritises sustainability and innovation in oil and gas exploration while offering lucrative opportunities for global supply chain collaboration, says EIC Energy Analyst Lucas Ramos.

| April 2024


Boundary dam power station with carbon capture facility in the foreground-CREDIT-Saskpower

The resurgence of coal reality

As global energy dynamics evolve, the debate over coal’s role continues to intensify. Nuanced strategies such as sustainable coal stewardship, collaboration and innovation are key for a sustainable future, says Michelle Manook at FutureCoal


| April 2024


Silhouette of a nuclear power plant with lights at sunset in mountains-credit-shutterstock_364443104

UK invests in high-tech nuclear fuel

New Nuclear Watch Institute Chairman Tim Yeo unwraps the UK’s ambitious £300m programme for next-generation nuclear fuel.

| April 2024


power plant artists impression - CREDIT-Geothermal Engineering Ltd.

Geothermal energy: a serious contender for sustainable heat and power

This year the UK will generate its first power from the heat beneath our feet. It is time to take geothermal seriously, says Dr Ryan Law at Geothermal Engineering Ltd

| April 2024



View from the top

Energy Focus talks with new EIC Chair Andrew Cuniah about his passion for energy, EIC’s bold ambitions, and being ready for tomorrow’s markets

| July 2023

Changing power demand in Asia Pacific

Although there is growing pressure on the global power sector to decarbonise, coal remains one of Asia Pacific’s cheapest new-build power generation options. With the region’s electricity demand growth expected to be double the rate of the rest of the world this decade, EIC Regional Analyst for Asia Pacific Dr Madana Nallappan looks at Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia and the opportunities on offer amid their energy conundrum

| July 2023

Accelerating the offshore energy transition

The UK is in pole position to help accelerate offshore low-carbon energy innovation, both at home and overseas – but collaboration is key, writes Lucy Woods

Feature | April 2020