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Oil and Gas


Mexico still holds promise

Despite Mexico’s rollback of energy reforms, projects already agreed are moving forward. Opportunities abound but companies need to be ready now, writes EIC’s Amanda C Duhon

| February 2020



What does it take to build a subsea power station?

Q&A: Svein Vatland Energy Focus talks with Svein Vatland, Vice President of Subsea Technology Programmes at ABB

| February 2020



The future is fusion

As the quest for clean, limitless energy heats up, nuclear fusion is a question of ‘when, not if’, says Professor Ian Chapman at the UK Atomic Energy Authority

| February 2020



Leading the clean energy revolution

Scotland is leading the charge when it comes to renewable energy, writes Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Scotland’s Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy

| February 2020



WEG signs an agreement to supply wind turbines to Aliança Energia’s Wind Farms

The entire agreement includes the construction of four wind farms with a total capacity of 180.6 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity

Feature | March 2020

Cabling technology offers peace of mind

Those responsible for the specification of products which go into new modern buildings have been asking for safe, approved cabling which play a critical part in electrical supply systems. Here, Graham Turner of AEI Cable explains the issues and emerging solutions.

| June 2019

A World’s First in Fouling Removal

First Look at Tube Tech International’s Shell Side Jet™

| January 2020