Can you tell us about iNPIPE PRODUCTSTM?
We supply pipeline cleaning and isolation products worldwide; the company is prequalified with most international contractors and operators. All our products are designed, manufactured, and tested in our factory and testing facility in North Yorkshire. In 2013, we moved to a six-acre site with a 60,000-square foot manufacturing facility. With onsite machine, fabrication and moulding shops, we deliver products right on time and right first time. Last year we celebrated our 35th anniversary.

What is a typical day like?
Operating globally, the phones ring and email notifications ‘ping’ constantly. On-time deliveries are critical in our industry. Customers always require products quickly, so a day in the shipping department involves arranging transport all over the world and providing the right documentation to clear customs efficiently. Our industry is a fast-track, demanding one, which means that no day is dull.

What achievements are you mostproud of?
I am most proud of our flexible, dedicated, workforce and staff who always rise to the challenge. Moving our complete factory to a new site while keeping our customers happy was a great challenge, and could not have been successfully achieved without everyone working as a team. The launch of our world-first 90” pipeline cleaning system was a special moment.

What is your most successful product, and why?
A difficult question to answer, as innovation is probably our most successful asset. But if pushed, I would have to say that our intrusive pig signaller is one of our most innovative products. As the signaller operates through 360o, it is impossible to install it incorrectly on a pipeline. Before our omnidirectional design, most intrusive signallers were bi-directional – giving rise to installation errors when the boss was welded on in the wrong direction.

Tell us a bit more about your organisation?
We work in a highly pressured industry. Customers require quotations within 24 hours, and orders are alwaysneeded urgently. Our staff have a very flexible attitude to the business and always go that extra mile. We are Achilles FPAL Verify registered, and we find this system a great way to track how satisfied our customers are with our products and services. Our rating indicates that customers value what we do for them. This customer feedback is vital in ensuring our innovation and customer service continue to adapt and improve in a fast-changing marketplace.

If you were not working in this industry, what would you be doing instead?
When I was at school I loved history, and considered archaeology at one point. A little different to pigging and pipe isolation, although some of the pipelines we have worked on were quite old!

Any interesting upcoming projects?
Every day we work on innovative solutions for clients around the world. We are never short of customers bringing their problems to us. As a business, we love problems as much as finding solutions, and long may that continue.

Managing Director Simon Bell takes Energy Focus behind the scenes at iNPIPE PRODUCTSTM