Happy 80th Anniversary EIC!

This year marks EIC’s 80th anniversary, and Energy Focus could not be more excited to celebrate all that EIC has accomplished in collaboration with members, partners, employees and friends. It is because of their continued support that EIC has been able to evolve continuously since its founding.

We asked EIC founders, members, staff and partners  around the world for their reflections on EIC’s 80th anniversary. To keep the celebrations going, we will share all their kind words and congratulatory messages in each edition of Energy Focus this year.

It’s an incredible feat for an organisation to have been active for so long in such an important and dynamic sector as energy.

Reflecting on EIC’s 80th anniversary, it’s an incredible feat for an organisation to have been active for so long in such an important and dynamic sector as energy – even more so helping and supporting companies all this time to keep ahead of the news in this fast-moving industry.

EIC was founded amid an energy transition when coal was the largest source of electricity generation; 20 years later, the organisation experienced another shift as oil demand surged. Today, EIC is going through another energy transition to cleaner energy.

I am relishing witnessing this critical moment up close, watching EIC in action as it facilitates dialogue and research with important key players during the transition process.

My experience as an intern at the organisation has been very enriching. I have a lot of contact with the energy space, including training, events and conferences. The EIC team has made me feel very welcome, and it’s a great environment to work in. I love working at EIC.

Rebeca Chaves, Events Intern, EIC Brazil. Started in 2022.

I still love working at EIC! We have a fantastic team across the world, with an organisation that keeps growing and improving.

When I joined 23 years ago, EIC was a much smaller organisation. We were still in our office in Notting Hill Gate and the London staff only numbered about 15 (with about another 10 spread across the rest of the world). The online Projects Database (which eventually became EICDataStream) had only been online for about six months and an online version of the Directory (subsequently the Procurement Guide) was in the works. The Rio and Singapore offices had recently opened, in addition to the Houston office – EIC had gone global!

I was the only one involved in IT at that time (I was IT Manager/Developer). Over the years, 20 other people have worked alongside me in developing and maintaining our systems in various capacities, whether operations, development or testing. I remember them all; our systems and products are what they are because of their contributions.

Look at us now! We are fully global, in five locations and with staff nearing 100. Now my Information Systems team is seven-strong. The number of people involved in collecting market intelligence has increased sixfold, with a similar increase in the size of the membership team.

A shout-out to Richard Tappin, our Senior Developer and co-architect of EICDataStream. Richard has been with EIC for 10 years and in that time has contributed majorly to all our systems in one way or another.

Another shout-out must go to Alan Young – IT Operations Manager of eight years – who keeps everything running smoothly day

in, day out.

In addition to these stalwarts, I also depend on the other able members of the development team – which has grown by two in recent months. This growth is a measure of our data products’ importance as part of our USP in the marketplace.

I still love working at EIC! We have a fantastic team across the world, with an organisation that keeps growing and improving.

If I am still around at the time of the EIC’s Centennial, I hope for an invite to the party!

Bob Gear, Head of Information Systems, EIC UK. Started in 2000.

I know I am where I’m supposed to be.

Working in the energy sector was never on my bucket list, but you never know where life can lead you. I was completing my studies when I was approached on LinkedIn for an opening at EIC. I had no idea what EIC did, but somehow it felt like I was destined to join the organisation. It turned out to be the right move, and my experience has been awesome!

My colleagues have been supportive, and I have met people whom I can connect with. I know I am where I’m supposed to be.

I am glad to be working under EIC Asia Pacific Director Azman Nasir’s leadership and guidance. I have never worked with such a supportive mentor, who can always make the unimaginable imaginable. I believe that EIC is a good platform for me to grow and expand my horizon in the energy sector and in life.

I have learnt from EIC how a business can survive over the years. With 80 years of history and still standing strong, EIC’s ability to adapt and develop in the ever-changing energy landscape is amazing. I am grateful to be part of the EIC family and look forward to meeting the whole team, visiting other offices and making new friends!

Danial Hakim, APAC Event Coordinator, EIC Malaysia. Started in 2022.

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