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About the EIC

Established in 1943, the EIC is the leading trade association for companies working in the global energy industries.

Our member companies, who supply goods and services across the oil and gas, power, nuclear and renewables sectors, have the experience and expertise that operators and contractors require. 

Our member companies, who supply goods and services across the oil and gas, power, nuclear and renewables sectors, have the experience and expertise that operators and contractors require.


EIC LIVE e-vents

This year, we are still focused on delivering a packed and exciting virtual events programme, featuring some of the biggest names in the energy industry and with the majority free-to-attend for EIC members.

We are also delighted to be reintroducing a range of physical events in a safe and COVID-19-friendly environment, including the EIC’s flagship energy conferences, the North Sea Decarbonisation Conference and the Energy Exports Conference.

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Conferences from EIC coming up in 2022

The North Sea Decarbonisation Conference

When: 17–18 May 2022

Location: De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, London

Why attend? The EIC, along with its international supporting partners, is delighted to be bringing you the second North Sea Decarbonisation Conference.

The North Sea Basin is in pole position to play a leading role in the transition to a low-carbon energy future, and presents an opportunity to further connect the UK and neighbouring European markets.

As the North Sea enters a new era as an energy basin, the oil and gas industry is reshaping its strategic responses to the energy transition in order to help reduce emissions, leverage industry capabilities and accelerate towards clean energy.

Realising a net-zero vision of the North Sea is both a technological challenge and a huge opportunity, as there is an increasing need for the global transition to clean power to be at least four times faster than it is at present.


Energy Exports Conference

When: 14– 15 June 2022

Location: P&J Live, Aberdeen

Why attend? The EIC’s flagship event, the Energy Exports Conference (ECC), is returning to a physical format for the first time since 2019, taking place in Aberdeen this June.

We know how important it is for business owners to find new routes to growth and resilience in these continuing difficult market conditions.

There are vast and exciting energy project opportunities around the world, and the ECC provides companies with access to hundreds of contacts, and a chance to learn about new export opportunities.

Meet inward delegations from export markets around the world at ECC 2022.


Making your voice heard

During these past few months, EIC’s External Affairs team has been busy working across the policy landscape, engaging with governments in the UK and abroad to ensure that the voice of the supply chain is heard when designing policies and represented in consultations. The current Contracts for Difference scheme is one such document.

We have worked with members in nuclear and advocated for the regulated asset base model, and we have worked with hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage organisations to ensure that the visibility and capability of the supply chain is recognised and developed. We are also working in the finance area to ensure that the policy and finance is representative of what is needed, and to find out how this can change to enable research and development, rather than hindering it.

The EIC, in taking forward discussions with international delegations, has looked to develop opportunities with policymakers elsewhere in order to ensure export potential.

In all of our work with policymakers and elected members, it is your voice and input that provides the strongest messaging. As we look to strengthen our work in this area, we could not do it without the input of our members.


UK Operational Renewables

In 2021, 606MW was added across 16 projects in the biomass, energy-from-waste, offshore wind, onshore wind and solar sectors in the UK, with 7.8GW expected to come online in 2022. Despite this, if the country is to meet its targets for clean energy, these 2021 additions are disappointing. However, the outlook for new capacity additions is positive for the coming years, and the opportunities here are highlighted in this report.

European Operational Renewables

Europe has emerged as a global leader in the transition to renewable sources of energy, and has made great progress in bringing renewable assets online to replace facilities that emit greenhouse gases. At the forefront of Europe’s transition to renewables are the targets set by the EU in its latest Green Deal, including a 55% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030 and 100% clean power by 2035.

Brazil Operational Renewables

During the past five years, Brazil has commissioned slightly under 19GW of renewable energy in hydropower, onshore wind, solar and biomass/energy-from-waste collectively. Of this new additional capacity commissioned to the grid, 10.4GW came specifically from onshore wind. It has taken Brazil’s global capacity to 174.6GW (including renewable, thermal and nuclear plants).

EIC Country Report: Vietnam

Vietnam, with a population of 99 million, is experiencing GDP growth that is higher than those of neighbouring countries Indonesia and Malaysia, and is also placed above the UK and global average. Download the latest EIC Country Report to learn more about Vietnam’s energy landscape, who the major players are, political, economic, social and technological analysis, and for advice on doing business in the country.

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