Offshore Wind Overseas Delegation to Vietnam

When? 27 April 2020

Why join the EIC delegation? Vietnam is seen as one of the most promising markets in the next wave of Asian offshore wind. Coastal areas off Vietnam feature some of the greatest potential for power production in the world, with average wind speeds of 7-11 metres per second. The Vietnamese government aims to produce 10.7% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and has set wind energy targets of 1,000 MW by 2020 and 6,200MW by 2030. The country currently has approximately 190MW of current installed capacity across four onshore and so-called nearshore wind farms. The development pipeline holds an additional 4,236MW in consented projects, 63MW under construction and 412MW in the process of appraisal approval.

The UK’s industry experience and position as the world’s leader in offshore wind capacity means it can provide valuable support to the development of offshore wind power in Vietnam. The trade delegation aims to facilitate a dialogue between the Vietnamese supply chain, developers, local authorities and the UK’s offshore wind industry to exchange information on topics such as supply chain development, technology and project execution, as well as grid infrastructure and integration of renewable energy. It will enable companies to start building relations within the local industry and set the foundations for participation in forthcoming projects.

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